Haven’t had a chance to hear Marilyn Sharpe, live and in person? ��Don’t want to commit to bringing her to your congregation or judicatory, sight unseen?  Here is a short video of Marilyn, discussing one of her real passions, “Family as First Church.”  This will give you a sense of her passion, her presence, her theology, and the love she feels for both families and following Jesus.

Marilyn will tailor presentations, coaching, or writing to your specific audience and the outcomes you identify as important.  Marilyn Sharpe is a dynamic, inspiring, highly relational presenter, who will work with you to make your ministry come alive.


Do you want to equip your teachers, mentors, guides, and leaders to nurture faith, while they teach and facilitate Christian education for all of God’s children, from preschoolers to seniors?  Sharpe brings experience with all of the generations … and with cross+generational ministry. Consider doing training several times a year, to build skills, to motivate, to refuel your staff and volunteers. Plan an appreciation event, featuring Marilyn and her powerful way of affirming the gifts and faithfulness of all who serve. You know that this holy enterprise is more than cognitive transmission of the story, helping all learners to find themselves in God’s story and God in their story.  Make faith come alive!


Congregational Teaching Marilyn Sharpe can teach your parents, godparents, grandparents, and all of those adults, who serve as Christian faith parents.  As a parent educator, she braids the best of parenting practices into faith nurture.  She can help  all to keep their baptismal promises, making faith formation a gentle, pervasive part of all of daily life together. Marilyn can inspire and equip congregational groups – large or small – to catch the vision of what God is up to with both homes and congregation. She can teach leaders, committees, groups, and targeted audiences to make faith practices a natural part of everyday life. Academic Teaching Having worked with those training to be church professionals and well- equipped congregational volunteers, using their gifts to build up the body of Christ, Marilyn has taught undergraduates and graduate students as adjunct faculty in college, university, and seminary.  She has experience teaching face-to-face and online.  As a practical theologian and experienced practitioner, students appreciate her passion, engagement with students, skill building, practical material, ready to be used in the life of a congregation.

Retreats and Family Camps

All of us need time and space for Sabbath. Two wonderful ways to experience God’s plan for refilling and refueling, rest and restoration are retreats and family camp. Here are wonderful opportunities for

  • families
  • grandparents and grandchildren
  • mothers and daughters
  • women
  • couples
  • congregational cross+generational groups
  • congregational staff
  • ministry team

Marilyn has experience with all of these groupings, providing the topic and content for learning together.  She will help your group learn how to

  • nurture faith, using simple, practical faith practices
  • deepen relationships
  • live a life in alignment with your faith and values
  • reexamine priorities and chart a new course for your life
  • build memories
  • keep sabbath every day of your life

Return refreshed, rejuvenated, inspired, and equipped to live life intentionally.

Coaching and Consulting

Marilyn Sharpe can be your ministry partner, working with your:

  1. pastor(s)
  2. congregational staff
  3. ministry teams
  4. congregational leaders
  5. key ministry volunteers
Charting your course to fulfill the mission to which God is calling your congregation.

Together with Marilyn, you will

  • assess where you are now
  • discover the needs of your congregation and community and context
  • name the gifts you have been given
  • discern what God is calling you to do and to be
  • identify the people God is calling to join you in ministry
  • learn multiple ways to share the vision
  • establish clear desired outcomes
  • set achievable goals that build toward that desired future
  • keep focus
  • be held accountable
  • celebrate progress and accomplishments
  • name the challenges and learn to handle them
  • live into God’s preferred future for your congregation