Coaching & Consulting

As your coach or consultant

Marilyn Sharpe can be your ministry partner, working with your:

  1. pastor(s)
  2. congregational staff
  3. ministry teams
  4. congregational leaders
  5. key ministry volunteers

Charting your course to fulfill the mission to which God is calling your congregation.

Together with Marilyn, you will

  • assess where you are now
  • discover the needs of your congregation and community and context
  • name the gifts you have been given
  • discern what God is calling you to do and to be
  • identify the people God is calling to join you in ministry
  • learn multiple ways to share the vision
  • establish clear desired outcomes
  • set achievable goals that build toward that desired future
  • keep focus
  • be held accountable
  • celebrate progress and accomplishments
  • name the challenges and learn to handle them
  • live into God’s preferred future for your congregation